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Skyline primarily caters for the Wellbeing of all pupils in the school, but since its inception has had a pilot focus on Post Primary pupils.

The centre is ending its first full year of operation following a pilot year and in that time we have been able to establish the following:

Criteria for support.  We have established that our main areas of support and intervention include the following:

ASD transition difficulties

Pupils dealing with traumatic circumstances

Mental Health issues

ASD and complex comorbidities


Through the Wellbeing Hub in the school we have designed and are delivering seminars focusing on the following:

Media Savvy Parenting

Gaming and appropriateness of gaming content

Creating healthy parenting boundaries

Effective use of Media and ICT



We have a range of counseling staff who maintain a service in the school.  We have employed a senior therapist who is a qualified supervisor.  We endeavor to become a centre providing training and the opportunity for supervised hours in the facility.



Currently we have developed programmes such as SCIL that are innovative and ASD focused. We are currently in the process of transitioning these towards APP development and hope that they will assist in further development of our support for all pupils.


We are also working with organisations outside of the school environment utilising wireless heart monitoring technology.