Key Stage 3

The 'Big Picture'




Within Cedar Lodge School pupils transition into Key Stage 3 (Year 8, Year 9 and Year 10), building on their fundamental skills and learning acquired through their Primary experiences. 


Pupils in Cedar Lodge have access to the full N.I. Curriculum which is delivered in a engaging and innovative way utilising new and emerging technologies, resources and interactive classroom environments.


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Key Stage Leader - Mr Hunter

Who's who in Key Stage 3

Class Teacher Classroom Assistant 1 Classroom Assistant 2 Classroom Assistant 3
Y8C Mr Cheeseman Mrs Caldwell Miss Green Mrs Murray
Y8L Miss Donaghy Mrs Gallagher Mrs Simpson Miss Hamilton
Y9C Ms Moore / Mrs Hazard Mrs McAleese Miss Ilwaine
Y9L Mrs Nelson Mrs Campbell Miss Harbinson
Y9S Mr Grieve Miss Lowrie Mr Caughers
Y10C Mrs Lee / Mrs Phelan Mrs Mahood / Miss Hamilton Mrs Monteith / Ms Burns
Y10L Miss Rock / Mrs Caughers Mrs McClure Miss Loughran